View Full Version : Long term project for JHS elective class

May 9th, 2008, 18:23
I have been teaching the elective class at my JHS more or less by myself since I got here. Mostly it's been one off classes and a bunch of games, but I'm getting sick of that. Well, with the start of the new term, I want to do something different. I'm thinking it would be really great to do a long term project, something that will take a few months (at least until August).

Couple of issues though. The class is once a week, but I only see them once every other week. They spend the class without me studying for entrance exams, so they do like my game centered approach and I'd like to keep it fun. The other thing is that they are fairly low level. There are 12 students that, I would imagine, would pass for slow/average 3nenseis at most JHSs.

Any suggestions?