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May 20th, 2008, 14:37
Hi all,

Was hoping we could list some good scenes from movies for students to act out. I've been asked to prepare lessons like this to teach them intonation and there's only so many kids' movies I can watch! The criteria are:

4 person skit, ideally. Feel free to list other numbers too.
Lines shared reasonably equally.
Fairly easy vocabulary.
Movies Japanese students enjoy.
No spoilers, and not confusing to follow if you don't watch the movie from the start.

Please list the title of the film, when it happens in the movie, and either a description of the scene or, better yet, a transcript.

Here's an example I found last night:

Hermione: Harry. Harry, are you alright?

Harry: Thank you.

Professor Lupin: Here, eat this, it’ll help. It’s alright, it’s chocolate.

Harry: What was that thing, that came?

Professor Lupin: It was a Dementor. One of the guards of Azakabam. It’s gone now.
It was searching the train for Sirius Black.
If you’ll excuse me I need to have a little word with the driver.
Eat. You’ll feel better.

Harry: What happened to me?

Ron: Well, you sort of went rigid. We thought maybe you were having a fit or something.

Harry: And did either of you two…you know…pass out?

Ron: No. I felt weird though.
Like I’d never be cheerful again.

Harry: But someone was screaming. A woman.

Hermione: No-one was screaming, Harry.

Scene takes place during the first third of the movie when they're on the train.

May 23rd, 2008, 12:42
V: And know'st thou what the French name cottage pie?
J: Say they not cottage pie, in their own tongue?
V: But nay, their tongues, for speech and taste alike
Are strange to ours, with their own history:
Gaul knoweth not a cottage from a house.
J: What say they then, pray?
V: Hachis Parmentier.
J: Hachis Parmentier! What name they cream?
V: Cream is but cream, only they say la crème.
J: What do they name black pudding?
V: I know not;
I visited no inn it could be bought.