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June 13th, 2008, 10:37
I just took a look at my teaching schedule, and I only have TWO more lessons with my kids before I leave!!

So guys, any ideas for the last lesson? I'm thinking a class photo will be good, but what else for the rest of the time?

Wicket I'm looking at you, you've done this before. *laughs*

Thoughts, throw 'em at me!

June 13th, 2008, 10:59

This is absolutely crucial. I still exchange e-mails with some students, two years down the line. You won't regret it.

June 13th, 2008, 11:19
I just had a few of these...my goal was just to have a good time with my students in our last day so after giving them contact info and some thank you's I played a game. I had played most of the games that float around with AETs with my student's before such as Jeopardy, hangman, scattegories, etc. So the last day I printed out some cards with faces on them. Broke the students into groups, 5 or 6 per group and gave them each cards. 1 card in each group had a sad face on them. *If you have seen がきのつかい, its where I got the idea. Then place the cards face down on the table and have the students pick a card. Whoever pulls the card has to come up to the board and represents their team. Then you can give them a word to spell, (first person to write it correctly gets a point for their team) or a category (such as Animals, each correctly spelled animal is a point), or some other kind of question.

This was a lot of fun for two reasons. First, a few of the students kept pulling the card so they had to keep going up, and second, when doing categories the things the students wrote on the board were really funny. This is good for a last lesson because you don't have to worry about each student going up and being fair - you can just focus on having fun and enjoying your last class with your students. If you need an example of the cards I used message me and I'll send them to you.