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  1. Hey Ali! Apparently I'm all up on your e-nuts. LOL! Just thought you should know
  2. YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. That sounds really awesome. Especially the trees creaking. I took a video last week down at the lakefront of this group of trees swaying back and forth in unison. It was pretty cool to see! Can I see that pic if you PM it to me and I promise not to show anyone else? I promise I'm not actually smart enough to decipher your location.
  4. The view from the top of the mountain was nice to, but I am weary to post it on accounta someoen may decipher my exact location yesterday. It was very windy too and if you stood still and looked up you could hear all the creeking as the trees swayed in the wind. I love it. And the smell too. Of the trees.
  5. That picture you have of the woods is really nice. I love pictures like that. It kinda makes you feel like you're there or something.
  6. That's fantastic! Sounds like you've got a really great day planned out. (I'm well and truly jealous on accounta it's cold and raining here).

    You think you might bring a camera and snap some shots along the way?
  7. No. Today is day off and I'm going for a hike. And it is a great day weather wise. On accounta it's sunny
  8. Hmmm no reason I guess. Do you have plans with the hot nurse tonight?
  9. No, why? I'm off pretty soon to have a great day.
  10. Having a bad day?
  11. It's okay. We've all got days like that. I was unnecessarily crude too and I apologize for that. Wanna hug it out? That's what I do with my friends here.

    What was so bad about your classes? Were they not going along with your lesson plan?
  12. We are. I must apologize, I've been in a bad mood all day on accounta some of the classes today were a bitch.
  13. Don't worry, I won't hold it against you forever. Life's too short to hold grudges No need to be so snarky with me though. I thought we were friends Ali?
  14. So I make one rude comment about the hiragana and now you'll hold it against me forever? Please forgive me
  15. Makes sense. If they have no reason to make connections with Russia they won't. Especially if Russia is depicted as 'the enemy'. The new generation will hate them on principle.
  16. There is even a bigger problem. The second war started in 1999. And there was only 3 years between the 1st and 2nd wars, so there are now many people in Chechnya who never learned fluent Russian. So they are much more prone to radicalize.
  17. As long as it's essentially a race war there isn't ever going to be an end to it. Unless something huge happens (like atomic bomb or dresden scale) the cycle of hate just continues. There's always going to be the next generation waiting there seeing what's going on, losing loved ones and blaming the enemy. It doesn't ever get better.
  18. "What are you natural eye colours?"

    I honestly couldn't tell you. They're a weird mix. Here's a pic - you tell me. (It's a crappy pic...sorry)

  19. Well. It is just to save face. In fact, lately things have erupted in Dagestan and Ingushetia, which have usually been peaceful compared to Chechnya. And there are still battles between the muhajadeen and Russian forces still occur in all three terroritories. So nothing has really changed.
  20. As they should. God forbid Korea gets its nose bent out of joint while I'm there. Hmmm well even if Russia's saying it's going to decrease its military presence there you can bet it's just a smoke screen. Get cracking on that translation. Some of the stuff you say about Chechnya is actually interesting when you're not being 'in your face' about it.
  21. Russia ending military operations. Japan has a surprising large military. Or excuse me, self defense force
  22. I didn't realize Japan had a military presence in Chechnya?
  23. Something about ending military operations there. i have not yet whipped out my dicitonary to clear up all the vocabularies I don't know in the article.
  24. Oooo! Exciting! What was it about?
  25. It's landlocked.

    There was an article about Chechnya in the Japaense Language newspaper yesterday!
  26. Do they have beaches in Chechnya?
  27. Massachvsetts is officially a "commonwealth." Colloquially, it is often referred to simply as "the Commonwealth," although "state" is used interchangeably. While this designation is part of the state's official name, it has no practical implications. Massachvsetts has the same position and powers within the United States as other states and a similar form of internal government.
  28. *happy dance* Thanks I'll hold you to that!
  29. Oh, of course!
  30. As it turns out, I'll need a tour guide around Tokyo after all. Can I entice you to the job with promises to buy you some pineapple or sugar cookies?
  31. Is that so? I took Latin as a language course in undergrad. Did you?
  32. I prefer the Latin spellings.
  33. Why do you spell Massachusetts with a v?
  34. PS: That means you're an Aries and we'd get along swimmingly (if you buy into all that astrology crap).
  35. Happy birthday on April 12th!
  36. Will you be my tour guide if I get in?
  37. No, but I live down the street anyway.
  38. Are you going to attend Tokyo O this year?
  39. If only you put as much effort into wooing me... *sigh*
  40. He is getting jazzed up to woo FK back.
  41. Oh my god Ali. What is up with your avatar? Gold hoops and a pearl necklace? Did you fall into some money while you were in NZ or are you just getting fancy for us here on ITIL?
  42. P.S: I love when you talk monogamy
  43. You're back? YAY!!!!!!!!!

    How was the trip? Were the sheep as hospitable as you'd hoped they'd be?
  44. Of course I knew it was 22/7 day, you ding bat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the day I left for NZ
  45. Today is National Pi day. I just thought you'd like to know.
  46. "Langus may be a bit slow, but she is a nice person."

    Thanks for that. LOL!
  47. My favourite part was that they escaped in a wooden boat crafted by his father. hahahahaha. He needs to win gold just for that.
  48. Is he a relative of mine?! Oh, how dare you!

    Is this a relative of yours by any chance?
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