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  1. I travelled around Japan for a month and then i worked at global wealth management for a few month before i had to go back to finish my studies. I lived in Higashi Koganei because it was on the Chu line and i liked the park, i lived in one of those funny looking buildings.
  2. Did you go to school around here or something?
  3. That ain't a deal breaker, necessarily.
  4. No you lucked out my friend I am male. very sorry about that.
  5. Are you a female?
  6. well i lived there for a while.
  7. There flats there all across Higashi koganei, if you work in the high school, it's the buliding just after, i think it was painted pretty wired but i can't really remember.
  8. THe one that is all weird looking?
  9. No the building in higashi Koganei. Apple house, big apple Mu. they are next to the late stop.
  10. Big Apple? New YOrk City. Yes, I've been there.
  11. I was just wondering, did you or do you stay in big apple?
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