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  1. What's up prefecture buuuuddy? *high five!*
  2. Ninjas eh? That's amazing! Congrats Sucks about the night light though...
  3. Shiga eh? For realz? What've you heard so far about it?
  4. If you want to be FB friends just say the word hahahaha
  5. No, sadly But that's okay. We'll just have to find other ways to meet up. I mean for all we know we could be in the same prefecture or something. Happy Birthday!

  6. Awe <3 Natalie Dee!

    So are you buying the first round in Tokyo or am I?
  7. ME TOO!

    I got a print of the "Chicago Style Manuel" and "It makes me mad inside my head!" ones up on my wall. Love it
  8. (Trust me on this...)
  9. Alright, you have me convinced. As a sign of my humble concession of defeat, I invite you to look at this:
  10. Really? Your father was a rhino? Fascinating! Is that why you've taken to eating ass? I thought sharks worked strictly in dick sucking territory...
  11. Just the Rhino? You can't underestimate the awesomeness that is a Rhinoceros. Or the monkey. That monkey is sick.
  12. This is my special gift to you...
  13. oh my god...ive seen the guy before, but that girl...jeeesus

    Hahaha Honestly, I'm not sure which one weirds me out more - the shark bait girl or shark/dolphin boy...
  14. You've met your match...

  15. I had no doubt that it would. You're aces!
  16. Thanks! I think it went pretty well! Hope to see you in JAPAAAAN
  17. GOOD LUCK!
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