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  1. I'm going to a little town in Yamagata ken. I think I'll just use going to Japan as an excuse to buy another nice bike and then pay $150 to have it shipped back
  2. Sorry, I never check these vistor messages!! I left my bike back home, but sort of regretted it later after hearing from others that it only cost around 150 bucks to pack it and ship it. I'm used to finding used track or city bikes in the United States, but there's not much chance of that here. I paid 600 for my bike here, and I like it a lot. But... if you have a bike you really like, I think you're better off shipping it! Anyway have fun in Japan! Where are you going?
  3. Thanks! I'd love to but I don't really want to deal with shipping it or flying it over, plus I told my boyfriend he could borrow one of my wheels while I was away. I figure I'll just ride something crappy until I can buy a nicer one. What about you?
  4. Nice icon! Are you bringing your bike to Japan? You maybe should ...
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