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  1. Better than being at school doing fuck all like I am right now.
  2. Damn! That's lame. Ah well, hopefully there are some Group Bers I can hang out with. I can't believe this is going to take 2 days. Kill me now.
  3. Yey w00t!!! I'm going to curl it tee hee hee.
    I think I'm JHS group A. I seem to remember you're B? But there's always lunch. I'm going with my JTE but she's cool
  4. I'm stoked too If they let us into the same group we should sit together. Us against the world! Can't wait to see your new long hair in person!
  5. I can't wait for tomorrow and I can see youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
  6. It takes 2 hours by kyuukou and 1.15 hours by tokyuu to get to Ise from Nagoya. It might be a bit out for you then.. I was thinking you were closer to me. But the JET party is even further than I am! It's in Nabari or something, right?
  7. I live right near Nagoya. Is Ise further south than Tsu? If so I might say no... only because it takes me about an hour to get to Tsu and then another half hour on top of that each way is a bit much... but I'm definitely still thinking about it. I need to get out before I go stir crazy in my apartment!
  8. Login | Facebook here it be

    Sure, it's not far from the station. How far are you from Ise? Ise's about 40 mins from Tsu... I can put you up for the night if you would like but I have my kids culture festival on the Sat and Sun so I can't give you a grand tour of Ise I'm afraid. I have a sofa and 1 spare futon (maybe more if I go and check) so if you want to bring people and then explore the shrines and stuff the next day, feel free.
  9. Hmmm I didn't get anything. I haven't been to Ise before so any help you could offer as far as how to get to the bar would be awesome. Also, costume party or no?
  10. I tried to send you the link on facebook. It's at a bar called Nanaimo in Ise. Small group of nice Ise JETs and Japanese people. No weebos. If you still want to go to the big party instead, be my guest.
  11. Yeah! Can't wait! It's gonna be awesome Do you know any details for this Halloween party yet? I feel so out of the loop up north
  12. I see you7re going on Sat! Let's enjoying.
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