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  1. I don't have high expectations for that seminar, but I'll be in the area that weekend so I might end up going. I'll wait to hear more from the consulate first, for sure.
  2. i'm iffy about the Seminar in June. The last thing i wanna do is hike up to NYC for a "how to use chopsticks" presentation. I suppose we'll get more details soon though.
  3. Yep, I'm sure I'll see you there. I'm probably going to head up to that seminar in June, and try to meet up with the NYC gang at some point as well. Congrats again!
  4. thanks for rooting for my upgrade. apparently it worked. see ya at orientation perhaps?
  5. Rooting for your upgrade. If not JET, best of luck with work in Philly. Let me know if you are looking for connections in the advertising / design community.
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