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  1. Nothing yet. It's killin' me.
  2. Hey there! Im going to pester you in asking if you have any idea where your going yet????
  3. Yeah that's what I was planning on doing, but alas, apparently according to some of the JET's in Takayama, the buses and train isn't sensational there, so I think i'll just opt for the car and all of it's non-awesomeness :P
  4. I totally understand, never knew i had so much stuff. My biggest problem right now though is more like damn, I need to buy professional clothes. This coming from the person who's wardrobe is made up of jeans, shorts and t-shirts. wah!!!!!

    Do you have any idea where your going as of yet, I just got an e-mail from my BoE telling me about the place and if I want to buy a car...hmmmm
  5. I just happened to fall on that site, and I was like OMG!!!! Wikipedia has even fulfilled JET in my life.... impressive! (I love Wikipedia ). Preparation.... ummm well quite slow, yourself? I also work full time, tutor, and do volunteer work at a lab, and then the embassy is organizing so many things to get us ready for Japan that i'm like Whaaaa head stil turning, other than that I'm enjoying all this hectic-ness . Hope everything is going well on ur end of things. Has your pred contacted u yet?
  6. Whoa. Had never seen this JET Wiki before, and I thought I'd been everywhere! Thanks mucho! How goes the preparation?
  7. Wahhh almost coundnt find it again, found one of the two i had found:
  8. You mentioned you saw the info about Takayama ALTs on Wikipedia... I can't seem to find where you were looking.. Help?
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