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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll look into the Yamagata JETs and get back to you if I have trouble. I haven't been contacted by my predecessor yet. But I have been contacted by Mark Duckworth who is at the BOE of Sagae-shi, where I'm placed and he is really helpful. He sent me pictures of my apartment which was nice!

    Other than that yes I am really happy and really looking forward to it. It is going to be a great challenge!
  2. Hey! I'm completely happy with my placement. I wanted rural and it's what I got. Also, I've been able to find my pred and a bunch of other Yamagata JETs on Facebook. I found a list of the current Yamagata JETs by googling "Japan JET Yamagata ALT" (if you want the link and can't find it PM me). The guy who I'm replacing has been there for 5 years, so something must be good. What about you? Happy?
  3. Hey there! We're both headed to Yamagata! Its nice to find someone else headed there. Are you happy with your placement?
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