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  1. Haha! yeh just gorging on giant American "way too meaty" pizza! thought id "stumble" into here and see what was up. nice to see the upgrades though!
  2. I see you lurking. Miss you. Hope you're swell <3
  3. Yeh blogs been slow, gotta put some musings up to entertain the masses. Dont worry will get some crap on it this week
  4. haha, why yes, yes she does, i like to think of her with her supple thighs and bosom as a reflection of myself
  5. Can I just say, your profile picture has magnificant boobs.
  6. You've hijacked the irc in a ploy to get people to your blog, yet your most recent post was on 19 march... for SHAME. Get posting!
  7. Bah thats not so bad, I found out on the 20th. Im guessing they send out all the responses together. all Slist, all Alist and and all PFO's. Probably staggered.
  8. Notified by e-mail on 2 February. They had sent a letter out before that but I didn't get it till 3 February.
  9. Eh? When was your interview notification? Mine was pretty late. (But then i did forget to put my door number on the app...)
  10. yo! i do like yours much better though, cat anything + comicbooks + purple is pretty cool.
  11. Thumbs up to yo' avatar! Sexy well oiled man in a cape always does the trick, on a lazy afternoon

    (Was tryna find a bouncy one but couldn't... )
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