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  1. Well I was up til 4 a.m. doing the bastard thing, but it's basically finished now ... just needs a bit of refining where I started type absolute crap because my eyes were shutting of their own accord! Haha you took breaks after every 250 words? I take breaks after every WORD. Honestly, I'm awful!! And having ITIL in the background doesn't help.
  2. Hahahaha! Seriously them threads will take over your life! But you have till 4pm 2moro and your more than half way done you'll be cool. What I used to do was take a half hour break after every 250 words I wrote (500 if I was on a roll!you'll b shocked how quickly you finish it! Heck, I'm sure you could hand it in as it is and get a pass anyway right? (I am not encouraging such behaviour!) Just sayin
  3. Ermmm it's due at 4 tomorrow so I am being complacent and procrastinating. This forum is awful, I'm just sitting here reading through every single post in some absolutely huge threads. GOODBYE DEGREE.
  4. Now that you've joined youl never escape! What time is your paper due, are you nearly done?
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