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  1. That's the plan, but these mofo's are running scared, i said i'd only give them a mild amnesia drunk, sparing their lives but erasing all memory of the JET programme but had no takers...
  2. So, like, are we murdering these short listers or what? We can avoid ITIL casualties if you like. I'm good either way.
  3. Hahaha! 4LYFE!
  4. BFFx
  5. Should b fine now, if u log in once and it tries to kick you just log in again with a different username.

    If you are using outlook, it has been temperamental, but being as most have been using fire fox I've not bothered to fix it.

    Try this irc://
  6. You being quite cool made me check out your chat thing. It's broken, dude. Why are you doing this to me?
  7. Showing some n00blet luurrvvveee to a fellow brit.
  8. I absolutely love your picture of crazy Republican person. Well done.
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