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  1. Hi ichigo, I'm a second timer JET and a registered clinical counsellor. Let me know if i can helo. Often when I recommend clients to take antidepressants for a sort time (one year or so) it is because I am noticing a lack of energy/ motivation to be able to do all the hard stuff in between sessions that will help them manage their depression. It is a lot of hard work to pull through! The actual stats say that 17% if people will get through clinical depression on their own, 23% with just counselling, and 80% with both. Depression can suck all energy dry and antidepressants can elevate mood just enough to give a burst if energy. But they are string and have side effects. Will it affect your chances? Miami is right- the biggest thing to affect your chances will be to appear unstable in your interview. As long as what you take is available here, I'm guessing they won't otherwise care - mist if the selection process is handled in your home country, not in Japan
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