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    god- way to rub it in. unfortunately (by which i mean VERY fortunately) I've started working so I won't be at that same terrible pace of posting again... at least until I know if I'm accepted
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    Better than being at school doing fuck all like I am right now.
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    Yey w00t!!! I'm going to curl it tee hee hee.
    I think I'm JHS group A. I seem to remember you're B? But there's always lunch. I'm going with my JTE but she's cool
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    I can't wait for tomorrow and I can see youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
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    I admire your frank and honest and sometimes witty remarks on many posts, especially your recent one with rosie's thread. You are truly a resident smartass.
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    I saw your blog and enjoyed reading through it. Hope you'll keep it updated
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    You know that little machine in all the combinis? You use that, I guess. I'm going to try it. I've never done it before. Worst case scenario, I'll call JAL tomorrow and make a reservation via phone.
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    Write down the travel information and then pay for it at the combini. That's what my bff office lady said at least. I'll try it tomorrow when I get paid and I'll have more info for you.

    Haven't talked to you in forever!
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    It takes 2 hours by kyuukou and 1.15 hours by tokyuu to get to Ise from Nagoya. It might be a bit out for you then.. I was thinking you were closer to me. But the JET party is even further than I am! It's in Nabari or something, right?
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    Login | Facebook here it be

    Sure, it's not far from the station. How far are you from Ise? Ise's about 40 mins from Tsu... I can put you up for the night if you would like but I have my kids culture festival on the Sat and Sun so I can't give you a grand tour of Ise I'm afraid. I have a sofa and 1 spare futon (maybe more if I go and check) so if you want to bring people and then explore the shrines and stuff the next day, feel free.
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    I tried to send you the link on facebook. It's at a bar called Nanaimo in Ise. Small group of nice Ise JETs and Japanese people. No weebos. If you still want to go to the big party instead, be my guest.
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    I see you7re going on Sat! Let's enjoying.
  13. Is that Andrew WK?
  14. Yay, you're in Mie-ken and I'm in Shiga! Hey neighbor!
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    My Uncle has a cabin on Lake Nippissing (which is about an hour west of North Bay) that we go to every year. Thunder Bay is a lot further north, but this was further from the border and everyone speaks French, so we can consider it a wash
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    The view from the top of the mountain was nice to, but I am weary to post it on accounta someoen may decipher my exact location yesterday. It was very windy too and if you stood still and looked up you could hear all the creeking as the trees swayed in the wind. I love it. And the smell too. Of the trees.
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    No. Today is day off and I'm going for a hike. And it is a great day weather wise. On accounta it's sunny
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    No, why? I'm off pretty soon to have a great day.
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    Many, many thanks for the administration tips. Seriously, you've saved me much eye rolling. :-)
  20. Mmmm, throat feels soothed. Thank you!
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    We are. I must apologize, I've been in a bad mood all day on accounta some of the classes today were a bitch.
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    So I make one rude comment about the hiragana and now you'll hold it against me forever? Please forgive me
  23. I actually did the defense already, and I'm about to hand in the final draft and be completely done! I'm pretty psyched. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though!
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    There is even a bigger problem. The second war started in 1999. And there was only 3 years between the 1st and 2nd wars, so there are now many people in Chechnya who never learned fluent Russian. So they are much more prone to radicalize.
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    Well. It is just to save face. In fact, lately things have erupted in Dagestan and Ingushetia, which have usually been peaceful compared to Chechnya. And there are still battles between the muhajadeen and Russian forces still occur in all three terroritories. So nothing has really changed.
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    Russia ending military operations. Japan has a surprising large military. Or excuse me, self defense force
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    Something about ending military operations there. i have not yet whipped out my dicitonary to clear up all the vocabularies I don't know in the article.
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    It's landlocked.

    There was an article about Chechnya in the Japaense Language newspaper yesterday!
  29. Yaaaay, I'm so glad! Congrats!
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    Oh, of course!
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    I prefer the Latin spellings.
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    Nope, just another random Japanese musician. I'm a little more...white? Anyway, thanks for making my wall less lonely!
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    No, but I live down the street anyway.
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    He is getting jazzed up to woo FK back.
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    I agree with you that Houk should use the Rhino as his av! Again, great minds thinking alike!
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    Of course I knew it was 22/7 day, you ding bat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the day I left for NZ
  37. I can forgive a little Twilight love, I guess. Everybody makes mistakes.
  38. View Conversation that good or bad? And how did you envision me? I envision myself as Matt Damon sometimes...until I look in the mirror.
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    Thanks! I think it went pretty well! Hope to see you in JAPAAAAN
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    Is he a relative of mine?! Oh, how dare you!
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