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    where the fk r u
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    lets be best friends !
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    lol u proper make me laugh+*+*
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    do you have skype?
  5. Dear Utihnkimlost

    I saw you helping out potential JETS by proof reading, Would be able to read through my Personal Statement?


    - Ben
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    Look who's talking, old fart.
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    your picture, is frigging terrifying
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    You quote me in your signature! :O
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    OMG, You have a beard!
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    Nope, the powers that be Cata saw to that...
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    It's ridiculous how much your profile pic made me laugh.
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    =p looking at her books are we?
  13. Put your game face on Lost!! Its Show time!!
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    Quit releasing my IRL info or imma get you banana'd... oh wait, maybe you WANT to get banana'd... you'd like that wouldn't you? I always knew you were a freak >.>
  15. did you kick ass on the interview yet?
  16. meh, as long as you don't eat my Sweet Potato fries Have you ever ate those?.....Man they're so good...
  17. you won't like them, they'll be cold by the time you do!!
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    Congratulations on making it to stage 2 with an interview! And also thanks (albeit extremely delayed) for the prior birthday wishes.
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    Congrats, man!
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    Congrats on getting an interview!
  21. hey Lost, I need an insiders look about Hawaii and the job market. I read main landers have a hard time finding work because Hawaii is all about connections + the job market isn't in great shape, is that true?
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    Dude, that is a ridiculous profile pic, but hilarious.
  23. umm yea I have google, why you ask?
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    Bawwwwksyyyyy =)
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    Now why can't you have that as your avatar?
    Way hotter.
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    Uthink wants to see the uncensored version of Sindy's pic?
    Aw poor uthink, did someone put up the porn filter at home?
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    Oi! They're there to avoid being banana'd, else i'd happily oblige!
  28. aww thanks lost! Thats one of my fave episodes with marceline(girl in my avatar) do you watch the show?
  29. lol dude don't jinx it! There was already a pedobear case at a library 2 weeks ago, 30minutes away from me!!
  30. your my only friend on here...this mimics my current social life how sad lol.
  31. not sure if you were alerted...but hell yeah my Application got there! Got my SASE the day after thanksgiving. But since I emailed the JET program about my situation before, they said to email/fax them my receipt from USPS just incase it arrived after the deadline. And my tracking status still shows no delivery confirmation!! Oh well, good luck!
  32. nothing yet =(
    But like i said back in the forum, everyone from the post office to this lady at the embassy swear stuff like my mail not being scanned is normal and its probably there. We shall see
    Thanks for the concern *hugs* =)
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But what if we reverse the polarity of the quantum string theory? According to uncertainty principle there are infinite worlds out there, so it stands to reason schrodinger's cat is alive in one of them.

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U da real mvp.


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