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    Red Flags on Application?

    I didn't get an interview last time around, but I'm thinking of applying again this year. It's understandable enough; I didn't have any teaching or experience with kids at all and have an unrelated...
  2. Re: Have Any American Applicants Received Notification Yet?

    Still not I. Feeling like it's gotta be next week. Are the interviews really in January too? That's not gonna be much notice!
  3. Re: That "Proposed Direction of Career" Question on Application

    Just what I needed to hear! I think the snarky perspective is good for me since I'm still in the romantic bliss of only having imagined what it would be like and not actually experienced it haha. But...
  4. Re: That "Proposed Direction of Career" Question on Application

    Haha man, everyone here is shockingly down on JET for this being a forum about JET. Say something nice, make me feel better about this whole thing. :)
  5. Re: That "Proposed Direction of Career" Question on Application

    I'm struggling with the content for this one. I'm kind of hoping and expecting that JET would open new doors and reveal new passions. It's not a super clear stepping stone in a career path for me....
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    Reference Letter Advice

    Greetings. I'm applying for the JET Program from the US this year and am seeking advice on my reference letter choices. I feel okay about the "Why Japan?/Why Jet?" component of my application. I feel...
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    Re: Best cities to list as preference?

    Also an aspiring JET trying to figure out what to list as placement preferences. It seems exciting to just leave it blank and see what happens, but I suppose there are few things I'm thinking might...
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