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    Re: Thinking about doing JET again.

    Bloody hell mate, I could.
  2. Re: Getting decent anti-anxiety meds?

    Ah good old Japan doctors, they will prescribe you anything if you just hound them enough
  3. Re: Is "eigo kyoushi" an appropriate term to use to describe yourself as a JET ALT?

    You should call yourself kyoushi and you'll get mad props from almost anyone for it. I guarantee 90% of the time you answer 'what is your job' with 'kyoushi', or more specifically '[school] gakkou no...
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    That might help.
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    My casio piano was a few man cheaper in the...

    My casio piano was a few man cheaper in the online store of yamada denki compared to the in-store price.
  6. Tell you what though, I went on JET 5 years ago,...

    Tell you what though, I went on JET 5 years ago, came back after 3... started a proper career (eventually), speak to sane intelligent people everyday... but I think staying in Japan is probably the...
  7. Ugh I hope so, thanks for the info looks pretty...

    Ugh I hope so, thanks for the info looks pretty good.

    Ini you still in Japan after all this time?
  8. Can anyone outline the exact pension refund process for the last 20%?

    I got my main chunk back, but I didn't do the whole nominating a tax rep etc.

    I am going to ask someone in Japan to do it, then I will post them my hanko etc. but I really need to know the exact...
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    Pension Refund Problem

    Hello, I got a letter finally after several months saying my pension money would be paid on the 15th of July, but still no money in my account... anyone have any experiences with having to wait like...
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    Re: Lunatic Ex-Employer

    People in this forum seem to lose all sense of reason...

    Call JET, and say "I stated XXX as a reference but several employees are currently engaged in legal action with the company. Things are...
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    Re: Groping question?

    jeez whats with the kung fu ju jitsu crap

    my former girlfriend used to carry a safety pin in her coat pocket, and if she felt hands on her shed unhook the pin, reach behind and stab them in the...
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    Re: Eating Shrimp in Japan

    depends, some people eat the entire thing. I tried it once and it wasn't nice. I always eat the tail though.
  13. That's not necessarily wrong though, not in Osaka...

    That's not necessarily wrong though, not in Osaka where いう is written and pronounced ゆう. It might be wrong if students have to write 標準語 but I've never seen them be marked down for this, and I've...
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    Re: COD on


    combini costs nothing
    cod costs money
    credit card costs nothing
    foreign credit card has no surcharge

    just get a jap credit card and all your problems are solved
  15. Re: Japanese: harder to make mistakes?

    most tards in english make a mistake because they guess the spelling based off the pronunciation. in japanese, things are written exactly as they are pronounced, and vica versa, thus eliminating the...
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    Re: Futon

    Not really that much, I think less than 1 man. I slept on a bed too but I still put a futon on it so I didn't ruin the matress... matress + futon + blanket.

    I got mine from D2 or nittori I can't...
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    Re: One really good picture
  18. Re: Did anyone else get denied time off for the returners conference???

    So they're underbooked and desperate for people to come enough to ignore their own deadline and reopen for submissions, but they are too stingy to hand out nenkyu?

    Oh Japan, when will you ever...
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    Re: Glasses

    I bought mine from a great little shop in the backstreets that was ridiculously cheap, even brand name glasses were inexpensive. I got my first pair for about 5000 yen including eye test and...
  20. Re: Did anyone else get denied time off for the returners conference???

    Technically, maybe not. But this is Japan, and it is not a society of strict rules.

    They'd probably phone the BoE and the BoE would phone your school. Or they could probably convince your school...
  21. Re: Did anyone else get denied time off for the returners conference???

    I suspect a simple call to CLAIR / your PA saying you would like to go but your school is making you take nenkyu and thus you cannot will sort it out.
  22. Re: My JTE's father died, what do I do?

    dont do anything, youre not japanese no matter how much anime you might have watched
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    Re: The axe coming down?
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    Re: Japanese Psychos

    lol I bet this would be solved if you just ASKED her to leave you alone.
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    Re: Apartment renting - LeoPalace21

    I paid 65,000 a month for my place, and there are leopalaces near it. My place was huge, with 2 main rooms a big kitchen and a hall.

    Leopalace might furnish it but what exactly fits in there? A...
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