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    Re: The Somewhat Late 2017 Placements Thread

    I ended up in Aomori! The closest city is 40 minutes by car but I'm happy with my placement. I couldn't find any blogs but at least my predecessor has been really nice.

    I'm reading through that...
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    Re: English help using social media?

    I appreciate all of the input. I didn't know social media was so actively discouraged in schools (they even make posters?), but I can see why with bullying being an issue. I'd rather not give it a...
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    English help using social media?

    Hi everyone!

    Currently waiting to hear back about the interview results here, but I had a question for current/former ALTs regarding social media use and wanted to ask while it was on my mind. I...
  4. Re: So which consulates have sent out interview dates so far?

    A little late to respond, but the Atlanta consulate sent out notification first thing in the morning on January 24th (Tuesday). Have you gotten your notification yet?
  5. Re: Have Any American Applicants Received Notification Yet?

    Congrats on the interview, chronophile!

    I got mine around noon today as well. (If any lurkers are wondering, I did not apply for early departure.) Best of luck! :)
  6. Re: Have Any American Applicants Received Notification Yet?

    Still haven't heard anything here yet either! I hope it's soon as well.

    Maybe the January interviews are for people who requested early departure? The website says interviews are in January...
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    Re: 2017 Hopefuls/applicants self-intro thread

    Hello! I'll be joining the "better late than never" crew with my intro I suppose. :)

    I'm 22, from the US, and graduating with my first degree after this semester! I studied abroad in Japan...
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