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Thread: Kanji, how do you study them?

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    Default Re: Kanji, how do you study them?

    I eat Kanji alphabet soup.

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    Default Re: Kanji, how do you study them?

    This is all the vocab from Kanji in context, tagged by chapter and section with the English translation of the word. The file doesn't include the sentences from the book but it can save time from inputting it and it is cleanly done.

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    Fun game I play sometimes: kanji shiritori. E.g.,


    I usually let myself check in a dictionary every now and then.

    You could probably also play it with homophones.
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    Default Re: Kanji, how do you study them?

    You may want to try my recently released Japanese educational game NihongoUp... It can improve one’s kana typing speed as well as help one review the kanji, vocab and particles.

    Learn Japanese the fun way - NihongoUp

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