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Thread: Learning vocab words in Japan

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    Default Re: Learning vocab words in Japan

    im pretty good at remembering nouns, but verbs really kill me. does anyone else have that problem?
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    Default Re: Learning vocab words in Japan

    Actually, now that I think up it. Picking up new nouns is a bit easier.
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    As usual, you all (Aliを除く) have your heads up your asses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saitaman View Post
    im pretty good at remembering nouns, but verbs really kill me. does anyone else have that problem?
    I have a hard time picking up new verbs by listening, since the stem is the only 'defining' part and it can sometimes only be one or two syllables long. Even verbs I know on paper I won't be able to pick up when I hear someone talk. I guess it's a practice thing, but I'm 100x better with nouns, too.

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    Default Re: Learning vocab words in Japan

    that, and so many nouns are kanji compounds, which don't have a huge variety of sounds. I feel like verbs that use the japanese reading (manabu vs. benkyou suru, which is the chinese reading) seem less systematic in a way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katsudon View Post
    I can't begin to tell you all the useless education-related vocabulary I've picked up.
    THIS. There are grammar terms that I know in Japanese but not in English, purely from standing around three years' worth of JH English classes.

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    +1 on what Upgrayedd said. When I hear a new world I can sometimes figure out the meaning by "hearing" the kanji. It's definitely not fool-proof, but it helps a lot. Although kanji can be frustrating, it makes life a lot easier in the long run.
    Another vote for this too.

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    +100 -- It's also really convenient if you find yourself in a restaurant and are confronted with a kanji you don't recognize. You can just hide it under the table while you smile at the waitress and tell her to get lost for a few minutes... (or, alternatively, wait to push the button).
    Why hide it when you can make people get moist (that's for you, Wicket!) over the fact that you're putting so much effort into learning Japanese?
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    Yeah, it's really good stuff. For some reason, they bound it as a book, instead of on a roll. There's 190 pages, which is probably good for at least a few dozen shits.

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    Default Re: Learning vocab words in Japan

    I think Japanese languagge is not easy to learn!

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