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Thread: Shapes in Japanese

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    Default Shapes in Japanese

    Yesterday I was doing a great job in Japanese class and was having a blast, we then had a verbal test and a part of it was to draw what they were saying, then it hit me, I do not know my shapes in Japanese, I understood 円as circle but that was about it.

    I know its normally something we dont have to worry about when speaking Japanese but can anyone help me with a list of shape vocab that I can memorize?
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    Default Re: Shapes in Japanese

    丸 (maru) - is also circle.
    正方形 (sei hou kei) - Square
    長方形 (chou hou kei) - Rectangle
    三角形 (san kaku kei) - Triangle

    Those are kind of easy to remember.

    For more complicated shapes you can increase the #角形. 五角形 (pentagon), 六角形 (hexagon), 八角形 (octagon).
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    Default Re: Shapes in Japanese

    I've always heard 四角(しかく) for square. Maybe it's colloquial or something. In general, I think the shapes as listed by UPGRAYEDD are more formal, perhaps the standard. In conversation, for instance, 三角形 is shortened to 三角(さんかく). You can find the standard words in things like product descriptions and perhaps textbooks.

    You might also want to know ハート - heart. You can also hear サークル - circle, but not too often.

    I suggest checking out a 100 yen shop for kids workbooks on shapes and stuff. It can be a good place for that kind of vocab in context. No kanji, but establishing the vocab first can make adding the kanji later easier.

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    Default Re: Shapes in Japanese

    It's like who actually sais triangular prism in everyday speech in english?
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    many times i thought how they write these words
    they are too tough to make
    he heh e

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    Default Re: Shapes in Japanese

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    Levi, many times i too have tried to write these words, and have failed because they were too tough to make.

    this is how we roll in elementary:

    円  - まる/えん - circle
    長円 - ながまる - ellipse
    半月 - はんげつ - semicircle
    三角 - さんかく - triangle
    四角 - しかく - any sort of quadrilateral, but mostly a square.

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