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Thread: 2009 Handbook step, notification! [hopefully]

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    oh BTW.
    download it from the website and put it on your laptop.
    Odds are your predecessors will have a copy at work anyway (I have copies on my desk from 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and now 2009) so it's just more shit for you to carry. They sent me the 2009 copy even though I am recontracting.
    Check with the predecessor, if you really are paranoid send it by post or something.
    Having it in Tokyo was a waste of time and luggage space, you get given so much shit it's unreal.
    Shut up Hikari / Muffles / uthinkimlost. (delete as appropriate)

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    minor rant: Waldroon mentioned Maria Ozawa in the japenese movie thread. Me being the fool I am assumed he was being serious and googled her at work.

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    He's right. the amount of crap they give you at orientation is unimaginable. In fact they give you an extra bag to carry it all home in and it's still not enough space. The worst part is you're so hopped up on jetlag and emboldened new horizons that you feel compelled to take it all with you and save it for several weeks.
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    Okay, I think this thread is over. Mike won the internet.

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    Yeah, This year the DVD is new though, they filmed it at Orientation last year.

    I am hoping someone will provide a copy online and we can assess the cheesiness.
    A shame that Taane or whatever his name was will not be featured
    I know I want to see it! Just because the camera crew was at my orientation and I want to see the results of their work....

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