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Thread: US Results need to come sooner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar SMAP Peas View Post
    Couldn't find the one where Beaker runs around the burning lab. >.> ... I <3 Beaker. =D
    Amazing! It's like everyone hears my on-topic cries ("US RESULTS NEED TO COME SOONER!!") and are responding with the one thing to keep me sane: MUPPETS.

    ::Link is broken::

    My roommate and I were Beaker and Swedish Chef, respectively, for last Halloween. Couldn't find an Animal to round out the trio, though...
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    LOL, I <3 the muppets. They make waiting for results to come out not as painful ... >.< ... well, okay. So I don't watch the Muppets to take up all of my spare time, it's a CLASSIC =P (and Beaker perhaps is a good indication of where my insanity level is right now waiting to hear back from JET --- pretty soon my profesors will call on me in class and all I'll be able to say is: "Meee? Meeee? Meee mee meeee!!!!" ... =P

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    Default Re: US Results need to come sooner!

    Google "HUGA WUGA". That's a pretty good Muppet representation of what goes on in my house. o_o
    "By the stubbing of my thumbs, something stupid this way comes..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyitsme View Post
    i live in bushwick, which is ...definitely not the safest neighborhood, haha. but the rent is so cheap, my apartment is gorgeous and i get to live with two of my best friends, and save money in the process. i've lived here for a year and a half and hadn't had any problems till this, but i think we all kind of feel unsafe now.
    wow that sucks. sorry.
    where in bushwick? i live on eldert st.
    you can find me on the internet, you can.

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