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Thread: new eikaiwa class, help needed!

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    Default new eikaiwa class, help needed!

    I need some help from the community please. Call me eager, or just plain stoopid, but i am starting a new eikaiwa class in my little village next week.
    just two problems:
    a, i have never done an eikaiwa before, and have no TESOL, CELTA, TEFL course behind me.

    b, the majority of my students will have no previous english, and will need preliminary and basic level tuition.

    please help me solve some of the following questions that i have...

    Q. which are the best reference and text books to use?

    Q. How can i avoid teaching them things like the alphabet and reading, yet give them materials and worksheets?

    Q. How can i keep the advanced students interested while doing really basic things with the complete beginners in the same class?

    Finally, if you have any experience of eikaiwa here in japan, especially rural, or want to suggest something, please post here. as i start next week, time is of the essence people.

    yoroshiku onegai shimasu

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    Hi, firstly, I'm moving this to the teaching forum, you'll get more replies there, and this (deadish) forum is for those of us working for or interested in NOVA / GEOS / ECC / Berlitz / AEON etc...

    OK, my ideas for total beginners:

    Most Japanese people know the alphabet, and can read English words, after all, Engrish and Romaji are everywhere.

    For absolute beginners, concentrate on simple useful stuff like self-introductions, shopping, and the usual tourist phrasebook type vocabulary, because chances are many of them want some English to travel.

    Its always difficult if there is a big difference in abilities, but if you advertised the class as a zero-beginners class, then the good ones shouldnt complain too much. You can just get them to add frills on what they do, so for the introduction, make them give more details. For shopping, sell them an extended warranty, and im sure you'll keep them occupied.

    Anyway, thats what I can think of right now, good luck!


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