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Thread: I live in Boston and want to learn Japanese

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    Quote Originally Posted by rigabamboo View Post
    I'd like to add to 3ngrish's comment that I don't think Reviewing the Kanji is useful for those who aren't doing Heisig's Remembering the Kanji. (Correct me if I'm wrong?)
    I'm actually not doing Heisig order. I am studying JLPT kanji this way.
    It takes a little more work when you don't go in order, but it is possible to custom add flashcards of just the kanji you want to study. If I'm not familiar with a radical within a kanji character, I just find it by number in the Heisig book (but basically I only use the book for reference).

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    Well, if you are a Japanese beginner, then I strongly recommend this web site to you.

    Learn Japanese Language Free and Easy

    I've spent months creating it. I hope you'll find it useful.

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    i think this site is not any where ....I hope so...this can be useful for any kind of kanji problems or any kind of difficuilties for the Japanese language. Learning Japanese or JLPT exam is on december ...If i am not wrong you can take help from here also
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