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Thread: So why Jet [above all others]?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UPGRAYEDD View Post
    Don't assume that you can learn Japanese faster out in the stix. There will be no one your age to make friends or converse with and at least in the cities you could go to Japanese language schools at night.
    So speak with someone who is not your age and learn Japanese. Honestly, I hear this complaint so often and it's the stupidest excuse for not learning Japanese ever. Sure it's a good reason for not liking the stix, but it's a stupid reason for not talking to anyone in Japanese.

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    Also, I've found a lot of older people are lot less interested in being English bandits and more interested in just talking with someone. Hence, better language practice. Despite being from the states, I've never been hassled by any of my host parents' friends to speak English. And despite the "mean obachan" stereotype, there are plenty of Japanese grandmothers and grandfathers looking for someone to just chat with.
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    Oh God, I wouldn't want a dude on an internet forum to think I'm fat.

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    Default Re: So why Jet (above all others)?

    JET was originally my first choice for the pay, and my teaching experience circulated around childres..
    Now I've been accepted for AEON; which I'm happy with as I'm encouraged to socialise with my students who'll be older and take me out clubbing, plus I'll be working with four other gaijin=guaranteed friends.
    I guess it's personal choice, but working for JET would have been too many early starts lol! At least with AEON I get a lie-in

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