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Thread: JLPT 4 or 3

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    Good luck Wicket! I'd go and do me a JLPT but I've got no time to study Japanese anymore

    In terms of the OP I'd go for 3. It's not that hard and you could totally learn the necessary kanji and vocab and grammar before Decemeber. The listening just takes practice and same with the reading so that's more the sore point but there's no point messing around with something you know you'll pass anyway.
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    It's amazing how much listening practice you can get through during 5am feeds.
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    I really don't see the point in taking the lower levels of the JLPT. As far as I can tell, it's not a qualification that has any merit other than to show that you can pass it, and surely you can determine that by testing yourself using past papers (you can buy them in bookstores with a CD for the listening section). At least if you take level 2 or 1 then you are obtaining a qualification that some employers will be interested in.

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