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Thread: "Call" grammar point

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    Default "Call" grammar point

    Hey guys. Might just be Monday morning slowness but I'm stuck on what to do for the "call" grammar point. For example:
    New Horizon page 14

    "We call it a moai".

    I need to fill a 50 minute class with "just this grammar point" >.<


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    Default Re: "Call" grammar point

    Pictures of Japanese stuff and let them describe it then name it? You and the JTE could demonstrate first - you should do something from your home culture. (So, I would do "This is a dessert. We call it pavlova" or something similar.) Then give them some time to draw their pictures (great time waster). Then have them present to a partner; then a few of them present to the whole class. Then have them write captions on their pictures and display some of them in the classroom or on your English board.
    E.g. "This is rice and seaweed. We call it maki-zushi."
    "This is traditional clothing. We call it kimono."

    Another idea is to use the "My name is _____ BUT my friends call me ________"
    E.g. (for me) : "My name is Lynette but my friends call me Lyn."
    If they don't have a nickname then they could teach you the nicknames of famous Japanese people or something?
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    Make it practice with that ever-useful classroom English expression: "What do you call this in English?" You can explain that "you" really means kind of like "one" or "an arbitrary person".

    One of my many pet peeves: there is no legitimate reason for anyone beyond like the first month of their first year of JHS English to be asking, へええ? どういう意味?
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    Default Re: "Call" grammar point

    it's good place to learn English! Big help!!

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