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Thread: Cell Phone Plans/Brands in Japan

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    Hadn't checked this thread in a couple weeks. Good to see it's still an iPhone orgy.

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    Long story short, I got my cell phone from my predecessor, as it came along with a one year AU contract. I got around to finalizing the account/cell phone transfer today as I received my alien card. Everything's all fine and dandy, except when I try to access certain applications, I get this error message:

    au IC カード (UIM) エラー

    It's saying that the card is different from what it originally was so the application can't be accessed, am I right? I'm not well-versed in cell phone technology... is the IC card a physical object that I needed to get from the AU shop?

    I have another, somewhat unrelated question. I have some data on my phone that I want to transfer onto my laptop, so I bought a keitai USB cord. It connects fine, but data transfer from my phone isn't working to my Macbook (even though the connection works, because my phone beeps and lights up when I hook it up via USB cord). In short, my laptop doesn't seem to recognize it. My phone is aan AU Casio Exilim W53CA model, if it helps. Any suggestions? Is it because I don't have a micro-SD card that nothing is being read? The lady at Yamada Denki told me I didn't need a micro-SD card if I bought the USB cord...

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    You need a microSD card. And, I hate to say it, but 95% of phones in this country will only be officially compatible with Windows...The Mac may be able to read contacts (since it's a standardized file), but music and such has to be in wma format. The phone's built-in memory is far too small to accommodate more than three or four songs. The thing to do is SD Card + SD card reader, and copy stuff over manually that way. You may have to convert your MP3s to WMA or AAC for them to play.

    The UIM is just another way of saying SIM card. Try taking out the UIM, and putting it back in. It's usually under/around the battery... Also, by taking out the battery, you're hard resetting the phone, so that could clear up any other errors.

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    They might have put a new sim card in it cos you have transferred the contract over with AU.

    If this is a case your predecessors apps wont work because they are registered to their SiM card. Same with any ringtones etc. it's all locked to a single SIM to counteract piracy.
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    Has anyone played with the Infobar yet? Aside from the fact it looks like a child's toy, it seems like a sweet phone...

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    K I better be able to get something other than a Windows Phone in Japan.

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