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Thread: 2009 Kyoto-fu JETs - WELCOME!

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    Default 2009 Kyoto-fu JETs - WELCOME!

    Eric here,
    Kyoto Prefecture AJET Representative.
    Congratulations on being posted to THE most sought after location in the JET programme.
    I'm looking to get all the contact information of all the incoming JETs in our area.
    If you have a moment, please email me at to tell me where you are posted and when you'll be arriving.
    You can also register on our website at Kyoto Association of JETs
    Or you can look for our facebook group: Kyoto JETs : Past and Present

    We have our first conference on Aug 18th. After which we will holding our first Meet n' Greet at a local beer garden. I'll be sending the particulars out when I have everyone's contact info.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Eric Charles Hawkinson
    AJET Kyoto Prefecture Rep

    Some of the sites in Kyoto you'll see:

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