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Thread: What are you packing all your crap into?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cataphract View Post
    the excess limit is 15? or the total, overall limit is 15 kg?

    also, not everyone is going to have to fly again once they get to Japan.
    The baggage limit is 15kg, anything above that will be charged as excess baggage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikari View Post
    Whaaaat. 20kg between 2 suitcases??? But we're still allowed a carry-on bag right, plus a laptop bag (in the UK)? I guess I'll need to think about getting stuff shipped in December or something.
    I think the 20kg includes hand luggage. Though I am open to correction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3ngrishsensei View Post
    That's why they produced the offspring of 18 rich aunts/uncles to do that for them.
    profitable catholic families.
    I'll admit to the benefits of it too I suppose. When I studied abroad most of my aunts/uncles gave me spare USD from holidays and I made like $200.

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