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Thread: 15 min lessons in ES?

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    Default 15 min lessons in ES?

    One of my elementary schools has cut English classes for 3rd and 4th grade this year. So, instead of having regular classes, I have to give them 15-30 min lessons after school once a week. The only instructions the teacher gave me is that classes "should be fun," but I have no idea what I can teach them with only 15 min a week. Any suggestions?

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    I'd say (in my very, very limited experience) just teach them a small vocab set or dialog and then play a quick game.

    Like, say... drill animal flashcards and then play animal karuta.

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    just teach them a few words and then play a game.
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    Default Re: 15 min lessons in ES?

    flashcards, game, vocab. review, song with actions.

    e.g. for colours: name the cards and have them repeat, then play fruit basket, then review the colours by putting the cards on the ground or around the room and having them run to the correct colour when you say it then chorus the name of the colour [all kids yell it together], then sing "i can sing a rainbow".
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