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    I teach at elementary, and a lot of my time is spent making lesson plans and translating those plans into Japanese so I can give them to my homeroom teachers. The most complicated part of the translation is always activities, so I thought if anyone else had the same experience, we could share our translations and maybe learn some new activities as well.

    Keep in mind that my Japanese is not very good, so there very well may be glaring errors in these descriptions.

    EDIT: Most of the games I post will be for the 1st and 2nd grade level, and some for 5th grade level. I'll try to indicate which.

    SO! Here are the ones I've been working on this afternoon:

    A) Activity – Ostrich Game 活動―ダチョウ (1st grade)
    (ア) Students stand up and make partners. Teacher pins a color swatch on the back of all of their shirts. Students stand with hands behind their backs, and when teacher says go, they try to see their partner’s color without letting their partner see theirs. When they see it, they must yell it out so the teacher can hear. Students may switch partners if they finish early.
    (イ) 生徒は立って、二人組になる。ELTとかHRTは生徒のシャツのうしろに色の紙をピンで留める。生徒は立って、手はうしろにある。ELTはgoと言って、相手の色紙を見たいだけど、自分の色紙を隠したいです。相手の色を見たら、大きい声で言う。早くできた人はほかの相手と遊ぶ。

    A) Activity – Criss-cross game (1st grade)
    (ア) Students all stand up. Teacher asks them, What color is this? Students raise their hands to answer. Student who answers correctly can choose vertical or horizontal, and the row or column sits down. If there is cross-over, the student(s) must stand up again.
    (イ) 生徒は立ってる。ELTはWhat color is this?と言って、答えたい生徒は手を上げる。もし正しい、生徒は縦の列か横の列を選んで、その生徒は座る。もしもう座ってる生徒は選んだら、もう一度立つ。
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    Default Re: Activities in Japanese

    stickied, with many thanks to the clam - great idea for a thread.
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    Activity – Buzz # Game (2nd grade)
    Go around the room with students alternating numbers in English and Japanese (ie 1, ni, 3, yon, etc). If they make a mistake they must sit down. Go around the room from 1-20 and then start from 1 again. Last student standing gets a prize.
    生徒は英語と日本語を交代に使って数字を言う。例:One, に、Three, 四。生徒が間違えたら、座る。

    Activity – Shark game 活動 (Any grade)
    Split the class into 4 teams. Each team has a shark, placed on a large gameboard. Teacher asks student on each team a question (How many elephants are there?). If student answers correctly, shark moves forward one space. If sharks collide, they eat each other, and eaten shark must answer question correctly to go back on the board. First team to get to the opposite side of the board wins.
    4グループにわかれる。黒板で鮫四匹とゲームボードがある。グループの最初の生徒は立って、先生は質問をする(How many elephants are there?)。生徒は手を上げて、最初の正しい答える生徒のグループの鮫は前に動ける。鮫は反対側に行ったら、グループが勝つ。

    Activity – Toss the ball 活動 (2nd grade)
    Students sit in a circle. Teacher tosses the ball to a student and asks, How many ()s are there? While holding up a flashcard. Student answers and tosses it to another student. Teacher asks question again and new student must answer. Repeat.
    生徒は○に座る。先生は生徒にボールを投げて、フラッシュカードを見せて、How many ()s are there?と言う。生徒は答えて、他の生徒にボールを投げる。繰り返す。
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    Activity – Pass the bomb 活動 (5th grade)
    Sit students in a circle. Start a timer and begin passing a ball around. First student asks the next, ‘what’s your favorite (color)?’ and the next student answers, ‘blue’. The second student then turns to the third and asks ‘what’s your favorite color’ and so on. The student holding the ball when the timer goes off has the bomb and is out. Go around once or twice for each category.
    生徒は輪になる。タイマーを初めて、ボールをわたす。最小の生徒は次の生徒に‘what’s your favorite (color)?’を聞いて、二番の生徒は答える。二番の生徒は次の生徒(三番)に‘what’s your favorite (color)?’を聞いて、繰り返す。タイマーが止まった時、ボールを持ってる生徒は負ける。ほかのカテゴリーもする(School subjects, animals, food)。
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    Vocab Runner (1st and 2nd grade)
    (ア) Attach vocab cards on the walls around the room. Begin with Small groups – call out a vocab word, making the gesture, and have them run to the card. Whichever group gets there first wins. Repeat, trying without gestures.
    (イ) 教室の壁でフラッシュカードを付ける。グループの分かれて、生徒は教室の中に立つ。先生は単語を言って手で真似して、生徒は正しいフラッシュカードを見つけて、そのほうに歩いて、フラッシュカードに触れる。繰り返す。

    Pictionary (5th grade)
    (ア) Divide students into 2 groups in lines facing the board. Whisper a vocab word in the ear of the first student in each line. The student runs to the board and draws it. Teammates can guess the word. First team to guess the word gets a point, next student comes up to draw.
    (イ) 二列に並んで、黒板のほうに直面する。最初の生徒に単語の言葉を小声で言って、生徒は黒板に行って言葉の絵を描く。生徒のグループは言葉を推測する。最初の正しいグループは点を受け取る。繰り返し;次の生徒は次の言葉の絵を描く。

    Body Letters (2nd grade)
    Students make pairs (same-sex may be more appropriate). Move desks aside. Teacher says a letter and students try to make that letter with their bodies – either together or individually. Teacher corrects any mistakes and says next letter.

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    Default Re: Activities in Japanese

    Hmmm, yes. I like these. Thanks for sharing.

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