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Thread: Pension Refund Form

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    Default Re: Pension Refund Form

    Has anyone ever gotten the pension refund prior to receiving the letter? I haven't gotten a letter yet, so I am getting rather doubtful it is happening this month. I sent my forms off in March of this year, so it has been about 6 months.

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    Default Re: Pension Refund Form

    If I don't get my refund this month, I will have waited a year with no refund.

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    Apologies in advanced, but I need some hand-holding in filling out this pension refund form, I just wanna make sure it's exactly right.

    *First off, do I need to write my name in katakana as well? (Since it's in katakana in the pension book)

    *Have any of you been able to get this "certified bank stamp"? If not what did you substitute it with?

    And in the "History Section"

    *My town was merged during my time in Japan, has anyone experienced this? If so which Office name and Address should I write down, the one when I arrived or when I left?

    *In "work period", did you write month/year or exact dates?

    *The pension type is "Employees Pension insurance" right? Not "National Pension"?

    *There's a little note at the very bottom saying "For the period you were in the National Pension, fill in only the address of the place you lived". Do I need to worry about this?

    Thanks >.<

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