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Thread: List of JET/Teaching Forums in Japan

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    Default List of JET/Teaching Forums in Japan

    Do you have a forum for only website links?
    For example, I frequent Yeti Japan a solid forum for JET and Non-JET teachers which is based out of Yamanashi. I have lived here for 7 years. I also know of

    I would like to see a list of websites that link us to other JET/teacher forums. Then we can know more about the teachers who typically post to their JET/Interac/ teachers' sites which are specific to their prefecture. It would be easier to share/search information about employment opportunities, best prefectures to live and the dispatch companies' pros and cons this way.


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    Default Re: List of JET/Teaching Forums in Japan

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    Default Re: List of JET/Teaching Forums in Japan

    A site about living and working in Japan.

    Japanistan - Japan News & Forums

    -Pretty much everyone there is helpful and knowledgable.
    -I post there

    -I post there
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