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Thread: Hiroshima Sake Festival

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    Default Hiroshima Sake Festival

    It's in Higashi and they have over 700 brands to try. You buy a cup and then it's nomihodai (all-you-can-drink). Last year there was 100,000 at it over the two days, festival food and all that. Anyway, a bunch of us going down to check it out. Anyone here going?

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    I guess it is a little late to say so now, but I went and it was bitchin. There sure was a lot of sake. (and people)

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    I went this year and managed to not get shitfaced drunk this time. Gave me a whole different perspective.

    The people in Saijo are pretty damn easy going people to allow that event 2 days in a row.

    The whole event is Hiroshima Uni students and foreign people getting trashed. I got too drunk last year so I didn't notice the stupidities since I was in the thick of it.

    But since I was sober this year, I can say I've never really seen such unchecked drunkenness in my life. People passed out, people so drunk they could barely walk, and Police not really caring.. Probably the funniest part was the ambulance people going around with wheel chairs to take away the people that were too drunk to function. lol

    One huge thing that impressed me was that there were no real fights or anything. Unheard of normally.

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    Default Re: Hiroshima Sake Festival

    If you like drinking, why not come to Yamanashi-ken? There is a wine place here where you can sample over 150 wines for as long as you want. Only 1,100¥.

    Mmmmm.... decent Japanese wine...

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