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Thread: My Japanese learning tools

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    Thanks for your information here.The name of books that you are given,I hope is useful to others also.

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    I am a Japanese language neophyte and think the Michel Thomas method is pretty effective. It's all audio so it won't help with writing but I think the method used it quite helpful. I used Michel Thomas audiobooks for learning Spanish and it was great. Here is the link:
    Michel Thomas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virus FM View Post
    amazing. thank you!

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    For kanji, you might want to check out as well.

    One of the things I especially like about Kanjidamage is that the guy made a page featuring Japanese words that have several different kanji associated with it, but explains which ones are used more often (Dupes - KANJIDAMAGE).

    Also, another good site to look into is Japanese Lessons with Maggie.

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    pretty nice look easy to learn japanese now

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