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Thread: Post-JET Travel Opportunities

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    Hey guys

    My name is Aileen and I am a former-JET who lived in Ehime Prefecture for three years. During my time on JET I became involved with the Cambodian non-for-profit organisation PEPY. Some of you may have seen my posts on this website about the organisation in the past. Well now PEPY are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity by teaming up with another popular and very worthy organisation....

    Some of you may have already heard about Peace Boat (PEACE BOAT - Home), a Japan-based international NGO that works to promote peace, human rights, sustainable development and respect for the environment. Or perhaps you know someone who has applied for a volunteer teaching placement on board - this is a very popular activity for foreign residents and Japanese alike, as Peace Boat carries out its main activities through a chartered passenger ship that departs from Yokohama and travels the world on peace voyages.

    But for those of you thinking 'that sounds great' but don't have the time or funds to commit to the traditional Peace Boat route, PEPY and Peace Boat have teamed up to offer a unique experience with our new tour, Discover Asia: A Life of Meaning (Discover Asia: A Life of Meaning - PEPY Tours).

    This trip's itinerary combines the following features:

    * A chance to experience life aboard Peace Boat and meet people from all walks of life who have gathered to learn about and support peace, human rights, sustainable development, and respect for the environment.
    * An introduction to Asia with visits to Japan, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia.
    * A chance to study or practice Japanese aboard Peace Boat and learn from the majority Japanese passengers.
    * Learn from the vast array of speakers aboard Peace Boat in addition to a very international crew of language teachers, program organizers, and staff. All programs aboard the boat will be available in English.
    * Learn about social ventures, non-profit management, and advocacy from professionals working on development programs throughout Asia
    * Raise funds for PEPY's education programs in Cambodia, with the opportunity to "Go Where your Money Goes" TM and visit the projects you are supporting
    * Become better equipped for future action in volunteerism and adventurous travel.
    * Be a part of the PEPY experience in Cambodia, meet and work with PEPY’s Cambodian staff, and learn about the programs your funding supports.

    Dates for 2010 are April 1 - April 14; August 1 - August 14*; more dates will be available later. The August dates are perfect for anyone finishing their contract or looking for something unique to do with their summer vacation.

    (*Dates are flexible and subject to change.)

    For more information, check out the weblinks above or join the Facebook event:
    DISCOVER ASIA - a life of meaning
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    Thanks so much guys! I really hope you can be a part of this!


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    Default Re: Post-JET Travel Opportunities

    Great info! Really informative. It is helpful for me.

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