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    Default Does / Does Not

    I need a game/activity for Does / Does Not and I'll be damned if I can think of one. Any ideas? Worse comes to worse I'll use a Bingo game + sentence writing, but I'd rather not if I didn't have to.
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    I used a series of questions twice in a row to do this; it was just a short warm-up, but the kids had fun with it. I started with a bunch of "Do you..." questions; one per student. "Do you watch TV every day?" "Do you play baseball after school?" "Do you usually eat natto at home?" I remembered the kids answers (wrote a few down), and then, when everyone was sitting, I had 'em all stand again, then asked questions about each other: "Does Mandy watch TV every day?" "Does Doug play baseball after school?" "Does Bueford usually eat natto at home?" Honestly, I hadn't really figured that they'd care about it one way or another, but they loved it. I changed the names, switched the kids around, so that some questions would be answered "No, he/she doesn't," to which I would reply, "Who does?"

    It worked so well I did it again, only with much goofier, nonsensical questions: "Do you want a pet monkey?" "Do you sometimes eat mukade?" Switched the names up even more, involved the JTE. It really surprised me how much they got into it. The whole thing was very student-centered, and they had to remember almost everyone's answer, especially the second time around.

    I have very small classes, and I know all my kids' names now, so this was easy for me. It may be more problematic in a large class.
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    It depends on if you want it to be a writing exercise or not. If it were me, I would turn the grammer lesson into a "Race Horse" game. Cut out pictures of horses ahead of time (I like to color mine; the students fight over which color horse they are), and group the students together so that each group represents one horse. Draw a racetrack on the board, maybe with five or six spots total.

    Create questions that use "does/do..." and read them aloud to the class. Each group has to write the sentence down and answer it, then bring both the written question and answer to the teacher. The first group that answers correctly gets to move their horse "one spot" down the racetrack. The winning group is the one that gets their horse to the finish line.

    This game is dependent on how much time you have, but I have found that playing it multiple times with different grammar points really helps them with their listening and writing abilities. For 1st graders I would use super easy questions like, "Does Ms. Suzuki play soccer?" or "Do you speak Japanese?"

    Anyway, good luck!

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    Default Re: Does / Does Not

    What about "Find someone who..."?
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    Default Re: Does / Does Not

    I am doing this activity in about 3 minutes...

    Played kind of like the castle game. Make teams, each team is given a character (Mario, Link...someone everyone knows) and a short list of things the character likes. (5 things the kids know- Red, Cake, Baseball, Music, Apples)

    Each team can ask another team 1 question a round (asked every other team 1 question)- 'Does (who) like (what)?'
    If yes, the team marks off item from their list.

    At the end, the team that has the most unmarked things on the list gets stickers.
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