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Thread: Where are people going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by syojyou
    I mentioned that I was vegetarian as well, so hopefully I'll get placed somewhere close to a city for food-convenience reasons.
    Hah! Good luck with that
    I'm veggie, they knew all about it, and now live in the middle of nowhere in a prefecture that's famed for it's oishii seafood.

    your new best friend if you get placed in inaka like me.
    I have finesse!

    I have finesse coming out of my bottom!

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    I'd much rather deal with the cold than the obscene humidity and heat in Southern Japan. It's so much easier to put layers on than to take 'em off. Also, heard Hokkaido is the only place in Japan that's actually heard of insulating the houses!
    Yeah, they've heard of it up here. They don't, however, choose to use it. I live in a pretty damn nice grey box/apartment building that's a mere 4 years old. Compare to every other JET house I've been in so far, mine is a palace. Does it have insulation? No.

    Even in the snows of Hokkaido, people live, work and socialize in prefabricated structures. Even big, expensive houses are constructed from preassembled panels nailed onto a frame. A new petrol station just down the road from me got built in deep snow, in the dead of winter, in less that 3 weeks from foundations to opening day. A new pachinko parlour went up on the edge of town in two weeks during the summer.

    But, on a positive note, we don't get cockroaches in summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanzo
    What did the ex jet say to make u change your mind about osaka?

    ...just a little interested to know.
    My decision was balanced on the edge of a knife. The closer it got to my interview the more I thought about placements, and I first realised it wouldn't really matter at all where I was placed. So at that point I decided I didn't really mind where, even though I had been wanting to go near Osaka to begin with.

    I also wanted to pick up as much Japanese as possible, and experience the best of the culture there. The person I was talking to said that if you were placed in the Inaka (which is where most of the JET placements are apparently), then you would be forced to interact more and would pick up Japanese better. There were a few other advantages too, such as perhaps the classic celebrity status thing, although that didn't have anything to do with my choice.

    The conversation was enough to push my decision over the edge into a world of confusion, so I explained to my interviewers exactly that - my original intention to go to Osaka and how I loved kansai-ben (and they asked me if I knew any, hehehe they laughed after I said なんでやねん!) etc. but how I wasn't sure any more because I heard about living in the Inaka.

    Plus the person I was talking to looked very official so their words carried more weight. Basically I was just plunged into a world of confusion, and since I didn't really put a strong argument forward for wanting to go to Osaka specifically, I doubt they would consider it (which isn't a bad thing).

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