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Thread: Thanksgiving lesson?

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    Default Thanksgiving lesson?

    I'd like some ideas for a Thanksgiving lesson if you guys wouldn't mind! this is for a 3rd year JHS class at a private school, meaning most of the genki has been sucked out of their faces. they'd probably go along with whatever I did, but something suitable for SHS students might be more along the lines of something they'd benefit from.

    well, what do you guys think? any good experiences?

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    I found a skit online about Thanksgiving dinner and had my kids act it out. I also found an ABC story about the first Thanksgiving. You could almost do anything with it, I would think... Read it as a class and make questions or something. My class is in a computer room and so I had them make a Powerpoint presentation for it. (They really like looking for photos online...)

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    Default Re: Thanksgiving lesson?

    I second telling them a story/showing pictures about the 'first thanksgiving'. The kids love to see pictures so I think that is a must. Since they are 3rd year JHS students you can probably communicate it fully in English with only some vocabulary glossing. Reading comprehension practice (if you pass out a sheet with the story) or Listening comp (if you just explain, and give them a little quiz or question sheet)

    I told my kids at Elementary about Thanksgiving last year with some pictures and they all seemed to enjoy it well enough. In that case, though, I prepared a Japanese equivalent of what I would say for the teacher to refer to when the children just weren't getting it.

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