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    I feel shitty just playing on the internet all day, so give me ideas for posters/bulletin boards for my English classroom. I teach at a pretty typical middle school. I already have a news board I update biweekly. What have you found useful?? Thanks.
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    This thread has some good ideas going so far:
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    While I was in the US, I snagged a couple of menus from my favorite restaurant, 'cause they were huge, colorful, and filled with delicious-looking unhealthy American food. I put 'em on my board with a couple of notes, and it has proven to be my most popular display ever. Japanese obsession with food and what-not. I realize you probably don't have an American restaurant menu handy, but get your friends back home to send you a bunch. That's what I'm gonna do, 'cause I wanna make an even better display in the next month or so.
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    It's festivals days like these on which I really try really hard to make up for not partying in college.
    yeah, because who needs free flowing drugs and alcohol fueling adventorous sex with taut, lithe young bodies when you could wander around a dying town in the freezing cold with a can of asahi super dry in your hand while some toothless old farmer shouts at you.

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