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Thread: Keeping early hours

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    Default Keeping early hours

    Does that phrase sound natural in American English?

    In British English (or to my ears at least) it sounds odd - quaint and slightly archaic, like it's been plucked out of an electronic dictionary. But one of my JTEs has been recommending it to all of our students during our New Years resolutions lessons - to mean getting up and going to bed early.

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    American here.

    No, it doesn't horrible, but i wouldn't put it on the common word list, unless you are trying to tell me that you run a breakfast bakery and that is why you won't let me in past 11am.

    "keep early hours" returned 240,000 hits on google, while the thrice as common japanese corollary, 早寝早起きする, gets you around 708,000. hell, i have seen this plenty of times, but i always thought of it as 'early to rise and early to bed,' in keeping with the proverb/ことわざ theme. there's nothing proverbial about keeping early hours. perhaps a bit provincial?

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