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    I've got a student taking an English interview exam and I've been asked to help him. I've been doing and reviewing basic questions, but any suggestions would be great.
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    What is the exam for? Or about?

    I had to help my high school students with the interview part of the pre 2nd grade STEP test a couple of months ago and I just used a book of practice tests with them - we did the interview then went through it, then we did the interview again. I thought they were going to fail but they both passed!

    Assuming yours is something similar then the topics covered in the practice test book I used covered things from what they want to be in the future and why? To whether they thought women were equal in the workplace or not? To if they were going on holiday would they usually stay in expensive hotels/ or would they like to (something like that - it was a really strange Q).
    So i guess my point is ask them lots of questions where they have to give an opinion about something and explain why they think that. It's difficult at first but they start to get into the swing of it.

    But then again not knowing what your students' interview test is for this could all be really useless!

    Hope that helps a little bit? Good luck - I'm sure whatever you are already doing with them is fine!

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    I realize it's quite late to be replying, so I apologize. I searched this forum and the internet and all I found was what I had already assumed.

    The entrance interview for high school in Japan is very much like an Eiken interview. I had three girls attempting to get into an international high school in my area. For several weeks afterschool (during club time), we went over common grammar points (I focused on a translation of many of the Japanese questions the JTE was using but in simpler English). We worked on their answers and pronunciation. We worked through their weak points (mostly that a mouse is louder than they are).

    The questions were pretty simple-
    What do you want to be in the future?
    Tell me about yourself.
    What are your strong points/weak points?
    What do you do for fun?
    What did you do last night?

    Because the testing portion focuses on their reading comp, vocabulary, grammar understanding, etc., I thought that the interview would be a bit simpler.

    I am happy to say that my students all passed and will be attending the high school of their choice.

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