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Thread: Your Japanese study routine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwkelley View Post
    I use ajatt for inspirational purposes when I'm feeling lazy. Ive also emailed the guy asking for various advice on some Japanese culture things and help with teaching one of the classes back at university, he's a really cool guy, very helpful.

    As for my studying...I've been pretty lazy since I've got here, and it mostly comprises of "talk to all the peoples". Ill actually try the JET course though I hear it's a load of bollocks. Other than that, I try to keep materials around me, including some iPad apps meant for study, and look at them during my downtime at school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erinmarie View Post
    are any of you taking or took private lessons while in Japan? do you mind me asking you how much they cost you and how long does it take for you to get to them?
    My fiance and I have a private lesson once a week. It's 1400yen. Totally worth it for me because I am the least motivated person ever.

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    I use kanji in context with mnemosyne and write the sentences/vocabulary repeatedly for each card. If I hit a kanji I don't know well I also write its meaning and some common compounds to remember the readings. I really need to add some grammar study outside of the kic example sentences though so that's next.
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