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Thread: Has everyone heard back yet?

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    Default Finally!

    I got my interview notices today! The inital one, and the one with the date an time. They were mailed separately but came at once.

    It's right smack in the middle of the week. Pardon me while I go pore over a map to make sure I know where the NYC Consulate is! Here come two weeks of anxiety...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DangerMouse

    from what ive read in these forums, enthusiasm, flexibilty and confidence
    can go along way to making a lasting impact on the interviewers...
    I would offer that as very good advice.

    Also have a check at a bit in advance.

    I got asked what was happening in Japan at the time....

    For me it was the big deal about Japan going into Iraq and how it went against some interpretations of the pacifist constitution.

    Worth knowing a couple of the issues of Japan before you go to the interview.

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