Many people recently have been asking to change their username. The reason this was disallowed was due to the flood of requests we had the last time it was allowed and associated workload.

As I'm always thinking of new ways to keep the money coming in for the site to remain on the net ($440ish a year), I'm willing to give this a go:

- If you would like your name changed, you may donate a one-off fee of $11 ($1 is to cover the paypal fee we get charged). In the message to seller box, give me your existing username and the username you would like to change to.

You will receive a PM from me shortly afterward to confirm you do indeed own the account you are requesting to change. Once confirmed, your username will take effect shortly afterwards. Future logins will require you to login with the new username.

Please note this is a one off payment for a username change. You will not receive the VIP member benefits.