Hah glad to see I'm not the first to start a thread like this...unlike previous years.

Yet again...for about the second or third time now (I have lost track after 10 years of wanting to apply for JET) life got in the way of my application. Last year I had the application form completely done and ready to go, with references...and then after a day or two of hard thinking I decided it would be better for me to just stick it out one more year. Originally my plan had been to finish 1 1/2 years of my teaching registration, and after JET finish the last 1/2...but that would have been a little idiotic. Only two and a half more terms now until I'm a completely registered secondary school teacher here in NZ, and then I can scurry off to Japan, if I get accepted.

However...this time I am making the promise to myself not to spend all my time on here and getting all hyped up about applying. Application forms aren't out for several months, and I have life to live in between now and then!